Heart Health Tips - Weekly 17rd Week 2015


Cardiovascular Disease is a Serious Health Issue

Cardiovascular or coronary disease is a serious health issue often caused by an individual’s bad lifestyle choices. Because the heart and blood vessels are located inside the body, many people do not find out about their unhealthy heart until there is serious damage. To avoid future medical problems such as hypertensive heart disease, cardiomyopathy or strokes, everyone needs to practice important daily health tips.

One: Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plan helps people to avoid gaining weight that stresses their aortas and heart. Excess body weight can cause high blood pressure that often leads to extensive damage of the muscles and valves in the heart. In addition, someone who is overweight may develop diabetes mellitus that increases blood glucose levels causing heart problems such as strokes. Learning appropriate portion sizes of various types of foods when preparing meals is an excellent way to avoid gradual weight gain.

Two: Frequent Exercise

Daily exercise can help to prevent weight gain but also improves the body’s lung capacity and ability to use oxygen optimally. Experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes three times a week to remain healthy. However, exercising each day is a better plan to avoid heart disease. An exercise routine does not require strenuous activities such as weight lifting or running. Walking in a park, swimming at a public pool or bicycling to the store once or twice a day can improve the condition of the heart.

Three: Mental Attitude

There are recent studies indicating that mental attitude can lead to heart disease. Individuals enduring constant stress levels at work or home develop physical problems such as hypertension that damages blood vessels in the body. Researchers were surprised to find that many patients suffering from heart attacks were often seriously depressed for weeks or months before admission to a hospital. Unfortunately, a poor mental attitude also makes it more difficult to overcome heart conditions. Developing a positive attitude can improve self-esteem and mood to avoid coronary diseases.

Four: Reducing Cholesterol

Scientists are still trying to understand exactly how cholesterol levels affect the heart, leading to conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Foods containing fat from animals are the main sources of cholesterol in the daily diet of most individuals. By reducing consumption of shrimp, pork and cheese, it is possible to reduce cholesterol levels drastically in the body. Replacing high fat protein foods such as poultry with fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended.

Five: Avoid Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to various types of cancer, but it also can lead to heart disease by causing high blood pressure or blood clot formation. Smokers are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes or chronic cardiovascular disease. In addition, secondhand smoke is also a contributing factor toward development of coronary conditions. Anyone who smokes cigarettes should quit, and everyone should stay away from public places where there is cigarette smoke.

Keep Up-To-Date with New Information Concerning Heart Disease Prevention

Medical researchers are releasing new information almost each day concerning ways to avoid coronary or cardiovascular disease. There are numerous studies that involve trying to understand what causes many individuals to have strokes or heart attacks. Recently, experts determined that consuming high levels of high fructose corn syrup is bad for the heart due to the substance’s sugar content. Begin reducing the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke by exercising more often and changing to a healthier diet.