Weekly Heart Health Tips - November 29 2015 to December 5 2015


Your overall health and a healthy heart are essential for living a life of high quality and longevity. People who eat properly, exercise and find time to relax often have significantly better heart health than those who eat too much red meat, drink too much alcohol and do not exercise regularly. It does not take much to improve your habits and to change your fate.

Green Light for Consumption

The food and drink you consume are directly related to the health of your heart. Just because you eat healthy food does not mean you must compromise flavor. Countless blogs, magazines and television programs exist to teach you easy recipes that taste great and are not bad for your health. Examples of the types of food and drink you should consume more so than any others are nuts, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and herbal tea. Try to refrain from ruining the health benefits of these foods by frying them or covering them entirely with cheese.

No and Yes

Say no to smoking cigarettes and anything you smoke really. Despite marijuana becoming an increasingly legal recreational activity, smoking marijuana has negative effects on your heart similar to that of smoking cigarettes. Say yes to getting enough sleep, rest and relaxation. It is essential to get enough sleep so that your heart is able to take a break from the daily stresses of life. It is also essential to find a way to relax each day when you are feeling stressed such as through meditation or exercise. Do not forget to take time away from your stress triggers such as work. If you cannot find a physical outlet for your stresses, consider speaking to a professional or a trusted friend.


While it is important to eliminate certain items from your life such as stress and smoking, other items that may be routine in your existing diet should be minimized and consumed only in moderation if at all. Some of such items to minimize are drinking alcoholic beverages, fast food, prepackaged food, caffeine and red meat. Consider replacing the majority of your red meat with lean meats and fish. Try to eliminate fast food and prepackaged foods from your diet altogether, however if you cannot, try to minimize these foods to once a week or less. Alcoholic beverages and caffeine can also be damaging to your heart when consumed in excess.


Exercise is essential to good heart condition and overall health. You should exercise relatively vigorously five times a week for at least thirty minutes. While all exercise is beneficial to your heart, you should aim to do cardio and strength training during these sessions for the optimal results of a healthy heart condition. Many people choose cardio activities such as running, swimming, biking or hiking. People who enjoy strength training might consider yoga, pilates or weight lifting. Do not forget to take small breaks during the day at work so that you are not sedentary the entire day. Throughout the day, take brief walks, do some stretches, stand to respond to emails or sit on a balance ball at your desk.

The road to a healthy heart does not have to be a difficult one. If you make a few changes to your diet and exercise routines, you will be well on your way to living a heart healthy lifestyle, and you will potentially add years to your life in no time.